I believe that one day each company in Poland will fully use the potential of its people and create a space in which comfortable working conditions will allow workers to fully identify with the organization and wholeheartedly engage in its work. The company of my vision is highly flexible and creates numerous innovations in the rapidly growing global market; it is a company whose products are a symbol of the highest quality. We support our company and train our staff so that the customer can achieve this ambitious goal. We audit processes, advise and implement improvements. Continuous improvement is a journey for us, which we embark on together to brave the stormy waters of business.

As in any journey, the first step is to determine the direction in which we are going. Where the company wants be, in which areas it wants to work more efficiently and increase its effectiveness, is our destination. At the first meeting we identify key business issues that are a challenge for the company and where we can help. We establish measures of success, so that we will know that we are exactly where we are wanted.

The ship’s crew needs to know the direction, but they also need to be able to use the equipment. Good preparation of the employees among whom we introduce changes and build an attitude of openness is equally important for us. At our training courses, we pass on experience in an interactive way. We also teach specific techniques to use the potential offered by arising opportunities and thus improve the efficiency of the company. The transfer of sound knowledge about how we will work and what the essence of our actions is will make us better able to maintain a steady course. During the training we focus first on developing an attitude of openness to change, then we transfer knowledge. Finally, we introduce a culture of continuous improvement in the company: a lean culture.

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Just before the departure, an experienced captain checks the condition of the boat. That is the role of our process efficiency audit, which helps us check the current organization of production and office space. The audit also makes it possible to identify the challenges which we have to face in order to achieve the goal. The measurement and monitoring of processes and their effectiveness will allow us to clarify the results we want to achieve together.

When we know where we’re going, have trained the crew and know the condition of the boat, it is time to go out into the open sea. Project implementation is like a cruise during which we combine perseverance in achieving objectives with the flexibility to adjust to current conditions. Therefore, project implementation includes streamlining processes and raising organization to a higher level. Thanks to these actions, employees work more efficiently and communicate better. The company gains greater efficiency (producing more with the same resources, executing orders faster, reducing costs and at the same time improving the quality of processes).

Each project, as well as each journey, is a little different. Our experience, though, allows us to bring it to the intended end, achieve the goal and related business results.

If you want to embark on a journey to improve the efficiency of your business with us, feel free to contact us.