“I am full of praise for Michał for his contribution to the development of our team and the entire center. His experience, his lean and coaching knowledge, commitment and sense of humor are particularly important for me. Therefore, I recommend cooperation with Michał and his company”

Andrzej Kinastowski
Globai Continuous
lmprovement Program Manager

“Through the work you have been doing with us and the hours spent on training, you have instilled lean thinking in the entire team by simplifying all elements, organizing and systematizing them in such a way that we performed our tasks as soon as possible while maintaining quality …
In our company, we observed … an almost 8-time acceleration in the performance of tasks. The savings that this made are often so large that they actually made our services cost-free, because you showed us how much the entrepreneur can gain without spending a penny, as long as they comply with your instructions”

Krzysztof Sulikowski
President of management

“His professionalism and dedication won Michał the sympathy of management and line employees alike … I am grateful for his contribution to the development of our company”

Rafał Galez
Project Manager

“I would recommend Michał to anyone, as he understood my needs very quickly, swiftly proposed a solution and, most importantly, successfully implemented it”

Piotr Tomaszewski

“A reliable and professional approach accompanied our co-operation from the very beginning of the project. The experts turned out to be trustworthy, well-organized and creative, and easily communicated with our staff”

Arkadiusz Bogusz
President of management